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What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a person or company who refers members to RevealMe and can earn from all spend and/or earnings made by those members.

All registered members have the affiliate feature enabled. When logged in, there is a share icon at the top of the screen

When you share your link with others, for example on social media, forums, a website and other channels, any new visitor to the RevealMe website who used your link and registers an account will be assigned to your affiliate link. This means any earnings and/or spend by those users will be calculated and we will pay you 5% of that calculated amount.

This does not affect models payouts, who will keep all of their fee. The standard affiliate scheme is valid for 3 months rolling and subject to performance and change. If you believe you have a significant offering we would consider applications from agencies where we can offer a more bespoke, feature-rich service. Please enquire using our Agency Contact Form.